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Nevenka Panovska

To be able to talk about innovation and to defend something innovative in
dissertation work I passed the road debt for 30 years. I started when I was 10 years old age when I became a gold medalist at the Chemistry Olympiad and
Biology of water” – Yugoslavia 1988. This was actually also a key moment for me to take the first steps towards medicine, I graduated from medical school, medical university and my beloved specialty in dermatovenerology. I want to admit that I had a big one good luck with my professional realization at an institute of natural medicine, where I worked with a group of professors, academics and doctors honoris causa in this area, I acquired practical and scientific knowledge together with the scientific team I wrote scientific publications and did an exchange of practices in France and Switzerland. I felt that I should bring all these achievements together and
protection as a specialized system built according to the author’s methodology,
it was an occasion to write and defend a dissertation on the topic “Specialized SPA & Wellness system in aesthetic dermatology at luxury tourism”. In this dissertation, I proved that the “Supreme Hermetic law of duality and harmony” is laid down in
physiological processes of the skin. In this study I proved that aesthetic dermatology – beautiful skin unites all “zones for beauty” in the multidimensional essence of man, with which I earned a Ph.D degree in “Wellness promotion of health” (article reference link). All this gave me the basis for innovative steps in the profession, which
are supported scientifically and practically, which opened the door for me to become and member of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences and Arts.

You say the system itself is integrative, what does it include?

In connection with everything said so far, the integrative, specialized system “Luxury SPA&Wellness Aesthetics” by author methodology of Dr. Nevenka Panovska, MD, which includes aesthetic and anti-aging programs for the face and body at the level of the spine, all senses and energy balance. We are talking about a Wellness concept-natural a system developed and validated in an institute for natural, complementary
and integrative medicine in Switzerland. Applied procedures include visual and hardware diagnostics of body and skin and is carried out by applying methods from
natural, complementary and integrative medicine (chiropractic, osteopathy, posturology, segmental massage therapy, sculpting massage, thermo, cryo and cryo applications, individually programmed correctives kinesiological exercises, Wellness concept for healthy eating, East Asian practices, meditative breathing, meditative intimate gymnastics, information medicine – (information digs the water) and
something else.

Through the application of the system, we aim for a neurophysiological response to
all organs and systems by: regulation of biomechanical obstacles of spinal vertebrae, sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous balance system, regulation of muscle tone, regulation of blood circulation, lymphatic drainage, hormonal balance, detoxification, fat reduction and cellulite, biostimulation and biorevitalization of all organs and systems, as the basis of everything is Well-being – well-being and harmony of
physical, emotional and spiritual – energy body. All this leads to natural rejuvenation of the whole organism and one natural aesthetic vision of the female body. That’s what he talks about the most the skin that is a mirror of all our beauty zones in the multidimensional our essence – “The aesthetics from the inside can also be seen from the outside – Beauty in the beauty”.


LUXURY by Dr Panovska – “multidimensional aesthetics”