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Poli Boyanova

I discovered Pilates at a stage in my life when fatigue in
my body after many years of folk dancing
dancing had overwhelmed me, and working in a corporate environment,
with working hours she had started to bore me. I searched
change and found Pilates.

The deeper
I was getting into the principles of the method, the more so
my curiosity grew to learn more and more and more
like Joseph Pilates to help as many as possible
more people to build harmonious, balanced and healthy
life. And although without knowing it, I touched myself
pilates all his life, dancing, now he got up
my way of life.

What attracted me to Pilates –
grace, balance, strength, concentration and
the precision with which the exercises are performed.
Combined with breathing and control these exercises become
invaluable for human health. Pilates is not simple
gymnastics, it is a system of exercises that works with
the center of the body, activating even the smallest muscles
there, it reaches the deep musculature, which does not
he doesn’t work out in the gym or any other gym
form of physical activity. Pilates is indispensable for
the prevention and treatment of musculoskeletal diseases
the motor apparatus and we, the Pilates trainers, are
trained to see the problems in our customers and
to offer solutions for prevention, improvement and
their removal. The huge advantage of Pilates is,
that in practice there are no prohibitions for its practice and
everyone, regardless of gender and age, can touch
to this magic.

My favorite statement by Joseph Pilates is “After
ten workout you will feel the difference after
twenty you will see the results, after thirty you will have
a perfect new body’.
It’s a fact for me. Do you want it with you?

Polly Boyanova
Pilates trainer CRT300