Полина Попова
Polina Popova

Polina began to enter the vast abyss of yoga in 2011 and immediately realized that it was what was noticeably missing from her life path. She begins to find answers and expressions of an inner sense of truth about body, mind and spirit.
In 2014 she devoted herself entirely to yoga and Ayurveda. She works at the Iyengar Institute in Los Angeles and is certified as a yoga instructor through Dan Ward Yoga. Parallel to this, she completed 2 years of training as an Ayurvedic Specialist at the University of Southern California for Health Sciences. The training lasts a lifetime.
After 20 years of living in the USA, Polina returns to Bulgaria and shares the acquired knowledge with heartfelt intention and deep gratitude.


Nada yoga with singing bows

Kuruntha for everyone: Proper Alignment

Dinamic Kuruntha for everyone

Nada yoga – Cristal bowls