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Rea Risto

Rhea defines herself as a curious person who likes to experiment with movement and the limits it unlocks. Each new level reached increases her interest in the connection between the material, physical body and the spiritual. And so, in 2011, on the yoga mat, her love for the practice was born. Yoga inspires her to learn about other topics related to a healthier, more ethical and fulfilling way of life, which are directly or indirectly also part of the Yoga teachings. Over the years, her practice goes through different stages – from hibernation to overheating. When she finally returned to her daily practice, her “addiction” grew stronger than ever and began to float in thoughts like “I want to level up my yoga,” “I’m going to quit my job and study yoga every day.” So, one day he boldly abandons his firmly established routine and framework, and tries the “going with the flow” approach. Her free flow “accidentally” introduced her to Sandeep Kumar and her intuition told her that the time had come to get even closer to the path of the Heart, namely the path of Yoga. Rhea is getting certified as a yoga instructor (CYT 200) with the Yoga Alliance in 2022, but still says the learning continues every day.

Rhea calls herself an urban yogi because she has always tried to adapt the ascetic philosophy to the hectic city life. Come to her practices and experience her enthusiasm and lightness, her cheerful nature and desire to get off the mat slightly sweaty, but always smiling.