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Sandip Kumar has been learning basic yoga poses and gyromeditation since he was seven years old from his father, which he practices regularly for better health and a calm mind. He has a master’s degree in human consciousness and yoga from Gurukul Kangri University in Northern India (Haridwar, Rishikesh), the oldest Sanskrit university for acharya (teachers), yoga, ayurveda and philosophy. He studied there for three years. He has a bachelor’s degree in music from the University of Kurukshetra.

He studied yoga, Ayurveda, acupressure and other disciplines in various Indian schools. He practiced for a year (2010-2011), Yog sadhana in the ashram of the famous Sadhguru Jagi Vasudev. From his first spiritual master Swami Dev Murti, (with whom he remained inseparable for two years from 2004-2006 and followed until the end of his earthly journey until 2009 and continues to follow his teachings), he learned hatha yoga, kriya yoga (neti, nauli, doti, mudra, bandhi, pranayama and meditation) and a system of “crocodile” exercises that treat low back and spine pain, discopathy, disc herniation, sciatica. From his teacher Swami Dev Murti, he peeks into the secrets of ancient Ayurvedic recipes and methods of treatment. Sandip is a yoga teacher (hatha and ashtanga yoga, meditative practices, acupressure and sukh darshan kriya – a combination of ancient breathing.

He was a yoga teacher in Haridwar with the now famous Ram Dev in India. Sandip Kumar has held numerous meetings and seminars with politicians and students across India. From 2009-2012 he was a teacher at the University of Yoga in Cottwar, (Utrakan) and his students teach yoga not only in India but also in other countries. In 2010 he visited Bulgaria and at the invitation of the Bulgarian Yoga Federation held yoga seminars in Sofia, Veliko Tarnovo, Pleven, Stara Zagora, Varna, taught in various yoga centers. Since 2012 lives and works in Bulgaria. Sandip Kumar practices an ancient Indian method of acupressure that works well for a number of ailments. He has many followers whom he has helped to heal and change their lifestyle. Sandip not only conducts yoga classes and seminars, but also offers training for yoga instructors (200 or 500 hours, respectively).

Wishing you physical and spiritual health! Sandip Satyadev


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