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Sandra Rangelovic

In her work, Sandra explores, improvises and mixes different dance techniques from different dance styles, including Tribal Fusion / Fusion Bellydance, Contemporary Dance, Yoga, ITS – Improv Team Sync. Her style was formed under the influence of her teachers, including – Nela Kalodjera (SRB), Valenteena Ianni (ITA), Kami Liddle (USA), Zoe Jakes (USA), Amy Sigil (USA), Tsvetina Matova (BUL), etc. . She has participated in numerous festivals in Europe, as well as dance intensives, seminars and certification programs. She is also a member of Valenteena Ianni’s international troupe Karma Experiment. Sandra is also the organizer of the first international tribal fusion festival in Bulgaria – Sofia Tribal Fest, which brought together many artists from Europe. Another project of hers is the Care Dance March, a charity dance event that features artists from the wider dance community to help specific causes. From 2022, Sandra continues her creative development in the “Studentina” Theater Studio with the new project “Grieflect”. She practices yoga daily, which is an important part of her life. Attends the lessons of Gabriela Kostova. She has also taken various seminars and yoga courses. She is one of the founders of Fusion Yoga Flow, where together with Gabriela she explores the boundaries of movement, rediscovers possibilities and freely expresses herself through movements where yoga and dance merge. Fusion Yoga Flow Fusion Yoga Flow is a dynamic practice that combines yoga poses, breathing techniques and dance movements. There is a smooth transition from one pose to another through slow dance transitions. It is possible to hold a pose with subtle dance elements in order to draw the mind’s concentration upon itself. The practice develops strength, flexibility and endurance. Improves body sensation and movement control. Maintains focus in the present moment. Fusion Yoga Flow is a unique practice developed by Sandra Ranjelovic (dance teacher – Tribal Fusion) and Gabriela Kostova (yoga teacher).


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