Serge – AdiDisha Yoga
I practice yoga as a technology to achieve happiness! My passions are healing, understanding the human condition and transformation, as well as turning aspects of the shadow into light. In my yoga practice, as well as in the therapy I do, I focus on the direct and intense experience of life in the body, as a way to bring about this transformation.
I spent years searching for, studying, and practicing different approaches to removing emotional and physical suffering and finding the direction to achieve simple human happiness. This search led me to various techniques for working with the physical body and effective spiritual practices. Some of them are very hard and masculine, and some soft and feminine. Eventually I found my own approach, which is centered and includes everything I’ve learned so far.
My own body and life are my personal laboratory of human condition and transformation, and I am constantly and relentlessly working and experimenting on myself.
The areas I study and teach are: yoga, tantra, healing and relationship dynamics. I developed my own system called Far Eastern Special Massage, using physical practices, dearmoring, energy work, yumeiho therapy and classical massage, yoga and yoga therapy, shiatsu and meditative practices.
With those who attend my yoga classes regularly, we will enter the process gradually, not because I would like to hide something I know and use in my personal practice, but to make sure that your body and mind will be able to withstand the intensity and the load of sensations.
One word we can use to describe Serge – samyama.

Samyama is a combined simultaneous practice of dharana, dhyana and samadhi, which is considered an instrument for attaining various higher states and abilities
of consciousness.
Dharana: focus, concentration of the mind.
Dhyana: meditation. Unperturbed flow of consciousness on the object of meditation. The act of meditation and the object of meditation remain separate.
Samadhi: a state of ecstasy, euphoria and union with the object of meditation. The meditator, the act of meditation and the object of meditation become one.