Shakti Devi

Hello, my name is Shakti Devi.
As my name suggests, I am full of energy, health and joy that I want
to share with people.
This is also the reason why my life went in the direction of self-exploration, meditation and
harmonization. I like communicating with people and being useful in development
of the quality of human health.

My professional experience in the field of massage and holistic treatment of
the human body began years ago when I met and trained in the methods
of Holotropic Breathwork, Dervish breathing practices and dance, Meditation,
Tai Chi, Osteopathy and Tibetan Massage.

For myself, I can say that I graduated – Course in Osteopathy – Cranio
sacral therapy with Dr. Roman Erokhov.
Music therapy and Sufi practices according to the methods of Tyumata and Peritsa Georgiev –
Pepsi, Tai Chi Course according to Shen Fei Methodology, Tibetan Ku Nie Course,
Do We massage with volcanic stones at Monchara Tibetan Treatment Center with Dr
Alexandra Alexieva and massage with Tian Di bamboo sticks Prof. Pepi