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Sheli Konfort

Sheli is living proof that nothing is impossible. She skilfully combines corporate successes and responsibilities with countless vast and exciting paths to herself. In 2010 a non-accidental meeting with a “special” man turns her worldview upside down, and directs her focus inward to her. She was introduced to Taoism. Slowly but surely it works on getting to know her inner world and mastering the path to herself. By immersion in Daoist inner alchemy and Tai Chi practicals, she gets multiple answer to her questions. Her quest for multi-layeredness and depth meets her with other divergent philosophies, beliefs and teachings. Over the years, she has made ever higher demands on herself. She herself determines that one of her biggest challenges is to maintain the right approach to communicating with people, preserving her harmonious self. 
He understands that mental traumas, incorrect beliefs and formed patterns block the flow of energy in the body. By coincidence, she meets Diana Simeonova and is captivated by her “Gourmet taste” towards life, tries the Energy of Isis Seikim and begins to work more purposefully in this direction. From being a visitor to the practices, she became her student and like-minded person. As the natural progression of things comes to a point where Shelley begins to share the knowledge he has learned. Shelly Comfort is currently a certified Theo Ray Energy Therapist. There is a 1st and 2nd level for working with the healing reiki energy Isis Seikim. As well as being initiated to handle the transforming and balancing energy of the Violet and Blue Flame.

For the practice:
In the practice “Transforming meditation with the Energy of Isis Seikim” or “How to turn emotions into Power” Energy balance is created with the Flow of Life and with a personal attitude to the Whole. With the help of the energy of the One (Tao) and Isis Seikim, we free ourselves from all deep-rooted diseases, as well as their emotional forms, and transform them into something constructive and positive. The transformative meditation sprinkled with the subtle Energy of Isis Seikim is a practice in which through Synthesis and Transformation we reach the pure light of our emocyte. Through the cycles of generation and control, they arise, develop, transform and balance. In traditional Chinese medicine, the main five elements in nature also have different aspects in our bodies. Each element corresponds to a certain organ that carries its emotions. Through transformation in meditation, one realizes their power. Concentration, Mindfulness, Contemplation and Visualization create harmony between the inner environment, the outer world and the Universe. A perfect dance of Spirit and Matter. You can always ask the universe for help, but it’s important to be able to help yourself. I, Sheli Konfort, believe that everyone has power and potential, they just need to realize it and develop it.
The Transformative Meditation with the Energy of Isis Seikim
Thank you all random and non-random encounters,
Thanks to Diana Simeonova and Yoga District Mandala!


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