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Stefani Chivchibashieva


Stephanie Chivchibashieva (Stephanie Shams) is a primary education teacher. Since childhood has an interest in music and dance. He has been doing oriental dances for over 14 years, as she studied (and continues to do so) in some of the largest schools in Bulgaria.

She attended dozens of festivals in Bulgaria and Europe, where she participated in masterclasses classes by some of the most prominent belly dancers in the world.

In addition to dancing, she is actively involved in music, studies classical singing and sings in one of the the best choirs in Bulgaria. For many years she was part of an ethnic music group as a singer and percussionist. He has been actively working as a children’s teacher for three years.

Her interests don’t end here. She studied in the field of Spiritual Sciences and Practices,
energy and alternative therapies such as Reiki, Akashic Records, Angel Therapy,
Yumeiho therapy, etc.

For her, dance is not only Art, but also a practice for balance and healing as in
both physically and energetically.

Belly dance moves are the best a gift with which we can honor the Woman in us.


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