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Stefi Georgieva

Stefi Georgieva is a certified specialist in Neurographics and a coach at the Institute for Psychology of Creativity – Moscow. Engineer by profession and artist by vocation. She has long sought and tried different experiences. She paints, is fascinated by yoga, Tao, meditations, prana healing, psychology. When she discovers the scientific method Neurographics, she gets a combination of drawing, psychology and meditation. She started drawing daily. The results come quickly. Even the first drawings open ways to realize wishes and new projects. Applies the express method for nervousness and anxiety. Plans future projects with neurographics. Each drawing is a path to yourself. With McCarthy’s help, she lifts the veil of the subconscious for help and solutions to various cases. She has been familiar with Neurographics since the beginning of 2019. She started training and in September she was already a certified specialist from the Pavel Piskarev Institute. Enthusiastically draws neurographs daily. The personal successes and many shared achieved dreams of those who draw with her inspire her. Steffi believes that everyone should draw a neurograph for balance and success.


Classic yoga for everyone

Quantum Meditation – The Force Rod

Neurographics – Strength Rod

Quantum Meditation – The Force Rod

Neuroart – The Force Rod

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