Теодора Иванова
Teodora Ivanova

Teodora Ivanova is a psychologist, holistic consultant and instructor in Pranic Energy Treatment at the Institute of Internal Sciences Vienna with a representative of Prana Bulgaria and Yasen Nikolov for Bulgaria.

I have been working with the principles of energy for spiritual, mental, emotional and physical health for over 10 years.

In our practice we will include energizing, invigorating, as well as deeply restorative techniques with our physical and energy bodies. We will balance the internal flows in our meridians in order to achieve a more complete balance and lasting release of blocked negative emotions and thoughts. They hinder the connection and realization of our potential in practice.

We will combine breathing practice, self-massage and positions to improve memory and brain function.

In our training and work we apply techniques of internal and external qigong, Alchemy of Beauty, Psychology and Numerology – Jyotish, as well as mind maps, diary of goals for working with the body, self-confidence, nutrition and productivity in every area of our lives.


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Prana Yoga for women

Yoga for Happiness and Balance