Теодора Рачева
Teodora Racheva – Devi

Tedora Racheva – Devi is the founder of Mandala, a teacher of prana flow yoga, acro yoga, crystal therapy, OM treatment, constellator.

I’m Devi and thank you for being here.
After many years in which I felt that there was more to what my eyes could see, I researched, sought, and experimented with all sorts of practices to help me find an inner haven. This aspiration took me to India, Bali, Nepal, Bhutan, Thailand, the United States and many other countries, where my meetings with interesting and different people complemented my picture and caused an even greater hunger for inner knowledge.
My first passion on the way to myself was yoga, which I met in 2002 in London while completing my master’s degree there. This turning point pushed me in a direction that quickly rearranged my inner world and helped me focus, concentrate and find comfort in my own body. After trying all possible styles of yoga, I trained with 200 hours of Prava Flow Yoga training by Shiva Ray.
My interest and attraction to meditation introduced me to incredible channels, such as Solara An Ra and Hari Baba, and I received initiations into ancient tantric techniques, such as Cobra Breath, and activations in multidimensional spaces. I have initiations in Reiki Level II, Karua Reiki, Violet Flame and others that help me keep my energy high.
While I was 6 months pregnant, I was on Vipassana Meditation in Serbia, which helped me dig up a solid dose of bliss in myself and have a wonderful and ecstatic birth after that.
After I became a mother, this provoked in me the raising of unresolved issues, which motherhood addresses quite definitely in my life. My daughter was 6 months old when I developed asthma and the attacks did not give me rest at night. And then another technique appeared in my life that successfully helped me start the healing process – the family constellations. After feeling better the day after my first constellation, I began a two-year training course at the French Institute of Family and System Constellations. This training gave me a fundamental understanding of the laws of systems, systemic violations, and the principles of successful relationships. Today, asthma is just a thing of the past for me, which has helped me get to where I am today.
My encounter with acro yoga was a turning point in my life. After practicing yoga on my own for many years, I discovered how invaluable it is to practice with a partner. Acro yoga gave me confidence and the opportunity to try new things for the first time and feel like a child. And the bonus of -7 kg for 3 months without any effort was another proof that I am on my way.
All these meetings, experiences and trainings give me the opportunity to skillfully absorb the wisdom of the constellations with the mystique of yoga, the healing effect of essential oils and the power of mental affirmations. My life is the embodiment of what I share in my classes, so from time to time I change the subject and direction of what I teach. 8 years of teaching experience + 14 years of personal practice are a solid foundation on which I build through the creativity of the flow I follow in my sessions.
My classes are woven from the magical intertwining of yoga, meditation, pranayama, working with crystals and sounds, aromas, wise and universal wisdom, presented in a light but provocative way.
The travels and the different schools I studied in, shape my ability to combine East and West in my classes. I will be happy to meet in person and share moments of awareness.



“From apathy to inspiration” – Myofascial Yin Yoga