Цветелина Еленкова
Tsvetelina Elenkova

Tsveti is an internationally certified ISPA yoga teacher CYT 200 in the fields of Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa Style, Pranayama, Meditation and Chakra Balance. At the beginning of 2020, she successfully completed training for yoga teachers CYT 300, the course is focused on acquiring specific knowledge and skills and mastering the following disciplines: Sanhya philosophy, Yoga sutras, Yoga mudras and Fundamentals of Ayurvedic therapy.

I first met “yoga” in 2009 … Years of searching for answers followed … of meaning, changes, transformations, years of awareness, acceptance … Years when “yoga” was looking for a way to me … to stay … I am grateful to the body that I have the opportunity to enjoy the freedom of movement …

… For me, yoga is an endless path, a path to others, a path to yourself, a path of awareness and acceptance. Yoga is not a sea, it is not an ocean, it is not even a vast universe, yoga is thousands of universes that dissolve and overflow into the endless cycle of time and beyond. This ancient system of personal development will not only balance your mind and body, which will enjoy physical endurance, flexibility and enviable health, but will challenge you to expand your consciousness, rediscovering the “limits” of your own capabilities! I am happy to be able to share the magic of yoga! Namaste!


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