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Tsvetelina Georgieva, or better known by her stage name – Floralin, is a musical artist – performer, composer and producer. She participated in the 8th season of The Voice of Bulgaria in Ivan Lechev’s team. With countless concerts around the world and in our country and years of teaching activity, Tsvetelina has developed her own system for developing vocal abilities in order to cure people’s fear of speaking up and expressing their own authenticity and inner strength through their voice. She calls it Holistic Singing. In 2020, Tsvetelina founded Vocal Enlightenment in the UK and began helping people online from all over the world overcome their fear of singing and expressing themselves through their voice. The voice shows how we feel, are we worried, are we afraid. If a person has any insecurity or worry, then our voice and our way of expressing it immediately reflects it. The goal of the practice is to relax to such an extent that you can release your voice at will in its full capacity, without fear, prejudice or a sense of judgment. This has a beneficial effect on the spirit, the mind and the body. Singing helps us get to know ourselves and our own unique vibration. To feel confident, strong and free in every respect. On a physical level, it is extremely beneficial for the lungs, thyroid, sinuses and brain. It also helps in relieving menstrual cramps as it activates the feminine part of us. It mentally frees us from stress, uncertainty and unnecessary thoughts. On a spiritual level, it helps us connect with others, listen and be heard. Let us not be afraid of ourselves and of the power with which nature has gifted us. In 1 year, dozens of women and men from all over the world go through individual sessions and courses of Tsvetelina online. For the first time and only in Bulgaria, the first group classes on Holistic singing are appearing… The practice includes physical exercises to relax the body, breathing exercises, singing practices to relax the voice, shunting and visualizations.


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