Valentin Miro halfcircle
Valentin Kolchev – Miro

Valentin Kolchev – Miro, has been developing and perfecting the experience for over ten years
is in the area of the integral approach, gathering knowledge along the way,
undergoing numerous trainings, in connection with the Integral approach in
therapy and personal development.
Certified yoga teacher, graduated from
“New Me Trainings international” – in the specialty “New Me Breath and Bodywork & New Me Strategic Coaching”,
Integrative Breathing Facilitator at the Austrian Integrative Breathing Association, Integral
consultant to the Institute for Integral Training and Coaching Austria (IITC) uses the methods of
hypnotherapy, empathy, energy techniques and approaches in the body
guided therapies, tantric boundary work techniques and more.

He underwent training at the Institute of Integral Sexuality C.H.A.I, “School of
Integral constellations and evolutionary techniques” – Italy, TAI – techniques for
inner alchemy.
On the way of his personal growth and improvement, Miro met through
the personal experience with many situations that give him the living experience of the experience, yes
be integrated and applied in his work as a consultant.

The direction in the processes of change and healing that he follows in his work with
its customers, is towards a healthy survival of the individual, in support of everyone finding their key, for
health, a fulfilling, conscious and progressive personal path.

Miro is a brave explorer, of the inner and outer world, loves to travel in
different directions, in oneself and in the world. Leads both individual processes and
various processes in a group and training related to personal growth.
Lives, teaches and consults in Sofia and Vidin.

“The story of my name sounds a bit like an anecdote, but that’s the reality. I
I am from the Wallachian region, and at the time when my people baptized me, they chose for me
the name Mirolyub, this is the name my mother gave me. But you know that in our area
the rite of baptism is watered abundantly with wine and the proxy of
Apparently, he was very devoted to the municipality and forgot about me from the church to the municipality
name and records me as Valentine. And so I’ve had two names all my life. It is, however
wonderful because these names make me one. The interesting fact is that no one
none of my parents tried to change that. Years later
I find that there are no random things in life – Peace Lover – peace and love, and Valentine is
the feast of love and wine.’


Integral practice for dealing with stress, anxiety and burnout