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I first encountered Reiki energy 12 years ago. Then I felt its healing properties on myself. Subsequently, over the years, I have found peace in Reiki after stressful work. As a result of a series of events where I relied on the transformative energy of Isis Seikim, I decided to become part of the Path of Energy and use its powerful force as an energy therapist. Initially, my idea was to use the knowledge only for myself, but with the guiding Love of Master Diana Simeonova, I began to help reiki energy reach everyone who trusts in this incredible method of healing and enlightenment. Today I am initiated and certified to handle the powerful Reiki energy of the Isis Seikim system. And since my efforts are aimed at increasing people’s potential for self-improvement, I am also part of the process by trying to upgrade my knowledge on a daily basis. In the meantime, I also completed the 1st level Metaphysical Anatomy, the so-called MAT – the newest method for personal development and healing. His absolute results require individual sessions, but I successfully combine some of his techniques with Reiki in group practices in order to permanently release negative emotions. The main emphasis of my practices is to direct my efforts to increase people’s potential for self-improvement and personal development.


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