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Velina Savova

I discovered yoga completely by accident. I would even say that she found me rather. I was
achieved some long-term goals and contrary to my expectations I did not feel happiness or
satisfaction. After I started on the path of yoga, I realized that I had been alone for a long time
cared only about some parts of life – education and career.
Every new beginning is difficult, and I could not boast of either patience or a special one
flexibility or strength. But I’ve been stubborn since I was little. I remember the genuine joy in his eyes
my teacher when I first did crow (bakasana). This surprised me so much
it is rare to find a person who genuinely enjoys the successes of others and wants to share
knowledge without expecting anything in return. That’s when I decided I wanted to pass
the learned.
For me, yoga is a way to achieve balance. Between the material and the spiritual. Between
the feminine and the masculine. Between tranquility and dynamics. I run two types of practices: those
who take care of our strength and physical health (power yoga and vinyasa) and those who
take care of peace of mind (hatha yoga).