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Veselina Bratanova

“My name is Veselina and I am a practicing lawyer and a certified Pilates instructor. For years I have been doing various gymnastics and fitness exercises, trying to relieve yourself from the stress of a stressful everyday life, from taking care of children and home, to release the block in your body from Standing for hours in front of the computer, but from the physical exercises in the halls, I got pain in the back, lower back and joints. Years ago I discovered yoga and pilates for myself. I strengthen my spirit. , by teaching pilates and yogalates.
The benefits of yogalates increase muscle strength, tone and flexibility throughout our body. Muscles don’t look lengthened and strengthened, and by combining the power poses of yoga and the fluid movements of Pilates, they increase circulation and energy, which also leads to an increase in calories burned. The benefits of Pilates are that it develops physical control over the body, helps strengthen the body and flexibility, increases fluidity of movement, regulates breathing, strengthens control over the mind and consciousness!
In my practices, we will be happy to discover together the benefits of Yogalates and Pilates. We will learn to breathe correctly, control our mind and body, increase the fluidity of our movement and the flexibility and endurance of our body, discover the possibilities of our body and learn to like and love each other. We will make sure that the ancient Roman expression “Mens sana in corpore sano” (A healthy mind in a healthy body) is not a cliché! I’m waiting for you!”

Veselina Bratanova