Veselina Stefanova

Vesselina began expanding her consciousness as a student, when she got acquainted with literature and practices in the field of Reiki energy. For about 15 years, she has been building her knowledge and worldview, passing through various beliefs and hypotheses with experience. The difficult moments in her life prompt her to explore the basics of the idea of twin flames, karma and karmic relationships, to start practicing yoga and breathing practices, to undergo Theta-treatment, to reiki treatment with Isis Seikim, to deepen knowledge his in astrology and synastry, tarot and oracle cards, to undergo regressions and constellations until he reaches the need to initiate as a Reiki healer. She is currently a fully certified energy therapist. Vesselina is trained and initiated to handle the subtle transformative energies of the Blue and Violet Flames, as well as to channel the gentle yet powerful healing reiki energy of Isis Seikim.



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