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Viki Despotova

Viktoria Despotova leads Air Yoga practices with Tibetan bowls and Pranayama with meditation in swings. In her practices, we stretch the whole body consciously, hold in the asanas, in order to feel the overall impact of the movement and integrate under the vibration of the Tibetan bowls, at rest, embraced by the cradle.

A creator at heart and soul, an absolute enthusiast when it comes to sacred symbolism and the expression of Faith, the Higher Meaning and the image of God in different cultures. she Discovered Glagolitic several years ago and dived into understanding the meaning of the letters and the magic of the sacred Ni alphabet. In 2022, together with friends, they created and published the “Magic Verbal Book”. Its goal is to spread the forgotten Bulgarian wealth among the generations. It expresses itself through the love of henna and art, feminine practices and the symbolism of the sacred.


Aerial Meditation 

Aerial Yoga and relaxation