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Viktor Sumiru

My name is Victor Sumiru and since childhood I have been connected to the deep sense of freedom and the feeling that our life is

given to live it with joy, love and awareness in a healthy and vibrant body.

These perceptions were the occasion in 2010. to begin my personal and spiritual development. Visiting
numerous self-awareness workshops I connected with my passion for meditation and uplifting practices
on levels of consciousness. So I spent the next 13 years in practices, meditations, seminars and trainings,

discovering numerous tools for self-knowledge and self-development.

In 2012 I met with the system for the development of thinking at Markov College, where later in 2014.
I led workshops on the development of thinking. Being aware of my thinking I saw beyond it and found that there is
a filth inside me that I can trust and rely on for all decisions without relying on my
mind. This realization deepened my path and interest in the books of the mystic Osho, Human Design and Astrology.
Walking the path and learning to follow my inner turmoil I met my meditation teachers
Amarga and Swabavo. So one fine day I received an invitation from Amarga for a Reiki energy healing course –

my inner wisdom knew it was important for me to go and I immediately signed up.

My encounter with Reiki was love at first sight. I was amazed how a touch in a few minutes brought me to
the feeling of deep relaxation and calm, and during this period I needed exactly that. After I boiled
the first two levels of Reiki, I gave Reiki daily to myself as well as to my friends and relatives. Month
after a month Reiki continued to impress me. Not only did I start to feel deeply winged, but a little
Little by little, my life began to transform and be in harmony with my inner self that I had never seen before


Experiencing the magic of Reiki within myself, I decided that I wanted to share it with even more people.
Now I happily share this gift with those who need and want it and I am always filled with inspiration as
I see the relief, harmony and ease that my clients begin to experience in their lives.