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VIVA – regressive therapist, master teacher Usui Reiki, astrologer, master psychotherapist. Works with Akashic records, Angels of Atlantis, Archangels and other bright manifestations.

Deep down, we somehow know where to go and what to do to be happy.

But very often we begin to consider our desire, to conform it to the patterns of behavior that we have learned that are shown to us as correct – models of other people, in other times. And we get confused and give up what we have felt will make us happy.

When we fail to drive away this desire for change, we look for someone or something to support us and confirm that the direction we want to go is the right one and at the right time for us.

In a journey into a past life called regression, I help you reach what is necessary for your present and future. It also leads to awareness – what makes you act a certain way, get sick of something, repel or attract places and people without having a real reason for it.

After regression, the world often seems more logical, connected, and listening to intuition has its reasonable basis.

Be brave in the choices you make and remember that the most important thing is to be happy! Only in this way you will be healthy, successful and you will be able to make the people around you happy!


Intentions for 2023 – Ritual and Meditation

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