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Zahari Komarov

Zachary has been practicing yoga for several years, his first encounter with yoga being at Art of Living, a
subsequently in many other places.
The reasons were many – physical, mental, mental, arising in the wake of many
work, some rest and loss of loved ones.
Happily, yoga gives him another flavor of life, and later he falls asleep for
who he is, what his mission in life is, and what is the right path in his life.
It begins gradually, moving over time through Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, Yin Yoga,
Therapeutic yoga until he came across Ashtanga yoga, which became his favorite yoga practice.
He goes deep into Ashtanga yoga, practicing it regularly and studying it in detail.
Fortunately for him, he came across exceptional Ashtanga yoga teachers (instructors) such as: Bela
Lipat, who “grounds” him and gives him the real foundations in Ashtanga yoga; Marc Garaud, who his
learned many subtleties and techniques for during, before and after the practice of Ashtanga yoga.

At the same time, parallel to Ashtanga yoga, Zachary touches on Air yoga.
From the beginning until now, Air Yoga has been his weakness.
Thanks to her, his physical and psychosomatic injuries gradually disappeared.
After some time in his Aerial Yoga practice, Zachary graduated as a yoga teacher
(instructors) in Air Yoga with the founders of Air Yoga in Bulgaria, namely Anna
Zhelyazkova and Ludmil Drensky.

Over the years, Zaharie has had the opportunity not only to practice, but also to lead yoga practices for children
guppies of people and to see the joy and happiness in them afterwards.

And last but not least, at the end of 2022 he was given the opportunity to carry out a
dream, namely to pass a 200-hour course for yoga teachers, and that in the place where from
a few years before that he was invited – to the Yoga District.

Thanks to this course, he managed to systematize his knowledge of Yoga, to meet with
some practical, motivating teachers and with the people from the course itself, with whom to share one
magical energy.
From here, many horizons open up for him, and not only in yoga, but in his whole life.

The practices that Zahari Komarov leads in the Yoga District are:
1. Dynamic yoga – Ashtanga style: Monday, Wednesday and Friday, from 08 to 09:30, at Yoga District
2. Aerial Yoga – Aerial Yoga: Wednesday, from 12 to 13, at Yoga District Mandala


Аerial yoga

Dynamic yoga – Ashtanga style