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Zora Vaseva

My name is Zora and I travel to the present moment! I am a teacher by profession, I have a family,
husband and two daughters. I like to read and do sports, I have never been involved
professionally with sports.
Over the years I have met wonderful group sports instructors,
which helped me train, learn about my body and have fun at the same time. Yoga
came to me in the last few years. In the beginning, I practiced quite timidly, in
subsequently I began to realize my fears and inhibitions, I also got acquainted with aerial yoga.

I am now a certified yoga and aerial yoga teacher. I am interested in
healthy lifestyle and alternative medicine, I discovered the magic of essential oils and
I use them with joy in my daily life and practices. I believe that everyone can and deserves to
transform your life with yoga, regardless of gender, age, body type, etc.

Aromatic air yoga practices are an exceptional opportunity for every person to
touch yoga and feel the beneficial effects of the various asanas. With the help of
Hammock, headstand and scorpion pose, for example, are no longer so far from the beginner
practitioner. The touch and sway of the fabric, the scent of essential oils and the soft ringing
koshi bells accompany the performance of the asanas, helping the mind to be present
in the present moment and not to “rush” after thoughts, worries, emotions. Every practice starts with
awareness of the body and of the basic principles of yoga (mostly “Ahimsa”, acceptance of the body and
non-violence towards him) and ends with a short yoga nidra or relaxation in the hammocks. These
relaxing moments are accompanied by different aromas suitable for the purposes of the particular
practice. Each practice is different and includes different poses, it must be given the opportunity
to lengthen the spine under the action of gravity, by means of various

Aerofit practices for a nice and fun way to move the whole body that is
suitable for everyone, including children and adolescents. Various yoga poses and exercises,
stretching, pilates, tabata, etc., are performed in or with the help of silk hammocks. Hammock suffocates
an opportunity to perform simple and accessible for everyone, but extremely effective and fun
acrobatic exercises



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