Теодора Маврова
theodora mavrova

Theodora first touched the fascinating world of yoga in 2011, initially driven by pure curiosity. By nature, Teddy is a person who is guided by her inner stimuli and needs, and strives to develop and improve. Therefore, after 8 years as an amateur, she decided that this should be not only a life but also a professional path and graduated successfully as a yoga instructor from the World real yoga alliance (Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Training Course 200 hours).

For Teddy Yoga, is a way of life designed to meet the needs of modern man. Yoga transforms the heart, body and mind into a gentle symbiosis, turning our daily lives into a melodious symphony of balanced existence, vitality and conscious intelligence.

She believes that Yoga is her path, because there she finds her true nature – creativity, adventurism, love, balance and harmony.

Teddy’s classes combine challenge and lightness, strength and flexibility, and are saturated with dynamism and fast flowing movements, combined with balancing breathing and meditation practices.



Сутрешно пробуждане

Monday – 8:30-9:30

Сутрешно пробуждане

Wednesday – 8:30-9:30

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