Tibetan Massage Ku Nyе

Tibetan Ku Nie massage is one of the most ancient Tibetan practices and is part of the mild, external healing procedures that are prescribed
in Tibetan medicine.

Unlike most massage styles and practices that are primarily focused on the physical body, Tibetan Ku Nie massage aims to stimulate the energy points and thus restore the energy balance in organism.

Ku Nie’s main priority is to calm and balance the mind.

The word Ku means ‘covering’ or anointing the body with medicinal oils, warm-up and movement of the joints including kneading, rubbing, pressure of the muscles. What makes this massage unique is the use of small bags, with herbs called Dzati Dukpa or HorMe moxi. They are used during the massage to stimulate certain energy points throughout the body. These bags are dipped in warm oil and then applied to the appropriate points on the body.


Ku Nie massage can be of help not only in solving physical problems
problems, but also helps with emotional and mental tension manifested under
the form of depression, insomnia, anxiety, as well as in women who
feel exhausted after giving birth.


The Ku Nie massage has a beneficial effect on the whole body, the nervous system
system, the various organs and functions of the body. It is used not only for
deep relaxation, but also as general healing and effective
therapeutic and prophylactic agent.

Contraindications for Ku Nie massage:

– Infectious diseases in the acute phase
-Impaired skin condition – wounds or rashes
-Fresh injuries or bruises, damage to the spine
– Neoplasms (tumors)
-Areas with varicose veins, allergic reactions to
massage oils”.