Йога “Аз мога” (63+)
Yoga I can do it (63+)

This class comes as a natural response to the needs of most people. At a time that promotes freedom of thought, but actually sets boundaries for many of us through religion, skin color, age or appearance. Yoga is a philosophy that helps to melt these boundaries by making us realize the deep meaning of Life and our conscious presence in it. In this class, restrictions fall – come, simply because you want to be yourself.

There will be time to move the body from head to toe, to give time to realize the changes and a sense of healing, to give time for more dynamic activities related to breathing and strength.

The fact is that you will leave with a smile, ease and motivation for systematic practice shows that you are on the right track.

In all cases, in this class we put safety and motivation to improve health with regular practices in the forefront.

The practice is suitable for the elderly, overweight people or people with musculoskeletal problems.