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Kristina Karpacheva

My name is Kristina Karpacheva – Prem Isvara and I am an Osho sannyasin since 2023. I have been doing yoga since
2018 I discovered Aerial Yoga at the end of that year and fell in love from the first practice. Through
2022 I completed instructor training with the founder of Air Yoga in Bulgaria – Ludmil
Drenski and from 2023 I lead practices.

For me, Aerial Yoga is a new and modern way for everyone to
touched yoga, despite his beliefs and physical fitness. It is a way to give to
your body confidence that it can. The sensation that the hammock brings, of flight of the body, is imperceptible
also transports the soul in flight.
Aerial yoga is a way to experience and dissolve through your body
all the emotions accumulated in everyday life. Relaxation at the end of every practice, it’s always me
smiling and I want to make more and more people smile with her.


Aerial yoga