58 Knyaginya Maria Luiza Boulevard, 5th floor, Sofia

Studio Mandala is the solid foundation upon which we build. As the first Holistic Center of its kind and scale in Bulgaria, Mandala is the nourishing soil in which the seeds of our ideas and aspirations are planted and we watch them as they develop, charged by its wonderful energy.



45 Vitosha Boulevard, Sofia

Studio Amara is the jewel in the crown of the Yoga District. This boutique studio is a combination of esoteric harmony and designer chic in a compact package in the center of Vitosha. Here we do some of the most powerful therapies and practices, due to the strong concentration of energy and the incredible atmosphere that allows us to fully unleash the power.


25 Cherni Vrah Boulevard, Sofia


Shazam is the rebel of the group. As the latest introduction to the Yoga District family, he is still young and boisterous, his character is still fluid, but one thing is certain – he is very strong. Its modern appearance, stylish design and spaciousness make Shazam one of the most colorful and exotic yoga spaces in Sofia.


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